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President Trump has posted his response to Wednesday’s attack on The Capitol.

The tone the president carried Wednesday was much different than Thursday’s address.

At Trump’s “Save America” rally in DC Wednesday, he said he would “never concede.” Following the rally, a march to The Capitol took place, resulting in rioters breaching security inside the building. That evening, Trump tweeted a video saying “I know your pain, I know your hurt.” He also encouraged the rioters to “go home.”

Thursday the president posted the following video that conveys a more earnest demeanor. In his address he says “Like all Americans, I am outraged by the violence, lawlessness and mayhem” and concedes, promising a peaceful transition of power.

Tony Katz notes that if Trump had presented himself in this way during election season, maybe the results would have been different.

Hear Tony’s full take on Trump’s address by clicking on the link below.