We all have that one thing our significant other does that absolutely drives us crazy! From being forgetful to downright gross, whatever the thing is at some point you learn to just…accept it. The internet is chiming in on the grossest things their partner does, and it does not disappoint. One person said her partner, […]

The best tournament of the year continues! (Okay, ONE of the best tournaments.) In case you’ve missed the fun so far, we are in round one of Hammer and Nigel’s Meltdown Madness. Each weekday we have two clips from an athlete, celebrity, musician, coach, etc. having complete meltdowns. You decide who had the biggest meltdown […]

The figurative ball is rolling! Recapping the first few rounds of Meltdown Madness: we have Alec Baldwin sneaking in as the 16th seed. Round one saw R. Kelly’s famous meltdown conquer the Dean Scream by a mile. The second round pitted a Hollywood heartthrob and a king disc jockey. #5 SEED: Casey Kasem getting increasingly […]

Basketball fans live for March, and now so do Hammer and Nigel listeners! The NCAA has March Madness, and we have a brand-new competition called Meltdown Madness.  For the last couple of years, Hammer and Nigel have created their own bracket-style competitions for the month of March. During the pandemic, the boys played “Covid Hypocrisy […]

Florida: the state of sunshine, oranges, DeSantis, alligators, iconic news headlines and now the most American athletic showdown in history. The Florida Man Games kicked off this weekend in St. Augustine and drew a huge crowd, for a good reason! The fun-bizarre-wild competition featured games based off of the crazy stories that have come out […]

We’ve all had a day where the workload just kicks our butt. However, this beer brewer got absolutely annihilated by his work. Back Channel Brewing Co., located in Minnesota, recently posted some surveillance video that is going viral. The video shows an employee working on a beer tank when all the sudden the beer bursts […]

After an all-nighter, the Senate passed a $95 billion foreign aid bill sending money to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. The final vote included 22 Republican senators voting for the bill. Tomi Lahren told the Hammer and Nigel Show last night was the perfect storm of the GOP playing the politics game of their peers and […]

Target just cannot learn their lesson. It’s not a full week into Black History Month and the progressive chain is already embarrassing itself. In the past Target has received significant backlash for their products pushing a certain agenda. Last summer, Target found themselves in hot water after selling ‘tuck-friendly’ bathing suits. It was also last […]

Here at The Hammer and Nigel Show, Hammer likes to take a moment every now and then to shine a spotlight on his version of an American hero. This week a man from Columbus, IN has slid his way into our list of Hammer’s Heroes.  Stuart Cundiff is one of just 11 people who have […]

Just a day after turning 81 years old, the president didn’t waste a moment to create a semi-creepy public encounter with a sweet innocent child. Biden met with military families at the Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia to celebrate a ‘friendsgiving.’ Families were served a thanksgiving dinner, and it followed a screening of the new […]