Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Senator Mike Braun announced that he will be supporting Sen. Rick Scott for the next GOP Leader. The Florida Senator is challenging Republican leader Mitch McConnel for his seat. Braun says Republicans weak spot has been failing to communicate their mission, being specific about their tactics, and waiting until after the election to get into […]

Every Thursday, Tony likes to take a break from the madness of our country’s political state and just… breathe.

McDonalds says “McRib returns for ‘farewell tour'”. The iconic McDonald’s sandwich returns October 31st and McDonald’s has hinted it could be the last time. We’ve heard this before from McDonald’s. Ladies and gentlemen, Hammer’s battle cry for the McRib!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was heckled AGAIN in her own district of the Bronx. She appeared at an event and the crowd was rowdy chanting “AOC has got to go!” AOC decided to respond to the hecklers with a thick Latino accent. This leads Hammer & Nigel to Great Moments In Political Accent History.

Hammer & Nigel often get criticized for not being kid friendly. Hammer & Nigel have a very special Halloween edition of Fun Facts For Kids.

A journalist is receiving backlash for her evaluation of Pennsylvania Senate Candidate John Fetterman’s mental state. NBC News reporter Dasha Burns interviewed Fetterman and after their conversations on and off camera she reported “he had a hard time understanding our conversations.” The Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania had a stroke in May of this year which […]

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.–A Hoosier who lives in Florida evacuated before Hurricane Ian hit. Although she’s dealing with the occasional power outage and some flooding, both she and her family are safe. Whitney Parks grew up in Greenwood, Indiana and graduated from Center Grove High School. She moved to Florida in 2006. Now she is a […]

LOGANSPORT, Ind.–A man from Logansport was charged with three counts of child molestation and one count of child exploitation earlier this week. State police say the investigation into Justin Bault, 40, began August 2, 2022. That’s when they say they got reports that two girls had been molested in Cass County. Investigators say they discovered […]

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden asked where late Congresswoman Jackie Walorski was during a speech at the White House yesterday, forgetting her death in Indiana in August. The Republican and two staff members were killed in a crash, and Indiana Republican Party chairman Kyle Hupfer says “no amount of spin from the White House can […]