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Former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy believes in the importance of local voting, which includes Indiana’s primary tomorrow.

Ramaswamy was in town late last week speaking at the Hamilton Co. Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner in Noblesville. He spoke about the importance of voters making it out to their local polling stations.

Vivek told Hammer and Nigel Monday that these upcoming elections will define the future of this country.

“Look I think the timing of both where we are as a country and where we are heading this November, including the Indiana primary which I think is really important, makes for some really important choices. We are at a moment where we as Americans are going to have to make a sacrifice, like our founding fathers made years ago. It’s a 1776 moment in this country right now… if we don’t make the sacrifices that are needed to save this country, our kids will not have that same country to grow up in.”   

In addition to the importance of voting, he talks about Biden’s stamina, college campus pro-Hamas protests, and more. Listen to the full conversation here.