Don’t cry because it’s over, cry because it happened… It’s been a long, at some points painful, road as you have endured Biden-ism after Biden-ism. We’ve heard from the most cringey, embarrassing, and downright confusing comments our sitting president has made to date. Today we have an official winner of this year’s Hammer and Nigel’s […]

It was another close call for Biden Madness 2.0! It was a tight game between two Biden-isms, but the unfortunate comment of Seed #3 “Where’s Jackie’ moves onto the final four. Thursday’s line-up will certainly divide a nation (kind of fitting for a Biden-themed game.) SEED #8. Happy Birthday  Reminder: Biden leading a ‘happy birthday’ […]

Biden Madness 2.0 is heating up! Tuesday’s face-off was a nail-bitter as “You Ain’t Black” succeed by just 2%! The next round is sure to be just as close as two very different, but very strong Biden-isms go head-to-head. SEED #3. Where’s Jackie? Reminder: This a rare moment in Biden Madness where it’s simply not […]

Attorney General Todd Rokita is fighting back against gender-dysphoria physical care for minors. AG Rokita is reaching out to doctors, clinics, and hospitals about their uses of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries among minors in Indiana. These procedures and medications assist children in “transitioning” to a gender other than their biological sex. Rokita believes […]

Things are heating up as everyone’s favorite Biden-isms are starting to compete against each other in Biden Madness 2.0’s regional finals! Monday started off the regional finals with Biden explaining he had his head cut open to ‘see if he has a brain’ and the president describing America in ‘one word.’ The choice was close, […]

The country saw the second-largest failure of a financial institution in US history Friday. The Silicon Valley Bank, whose customers are among the rich and famous, faced capital crisis as it collapsed for 48 hours. SVB was one of America’s largest commercial banks. The US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has now taken control after the […]

We had a strong week of Biden Madness 2.0!  Thursday’s competitors were as cringey as they come. Ultimately, ‘where’s Jackie’ (painfully) moves onto the next round while we say goodbye to ‘white boy.’ Today’s a BIG round as the #1 seed enters the game. #1 SEED: You Know The Thing.  This Biden-ism swept the floor […]

Biden Madness 2.0 is on a roll now! Unfortunately, after Tuesday’s results, Nigel’s favorite Biden-ism “get ready BAL” was defeated by this new contender. It’s onto the next round, and this one is sure to be a nail bitter. We have an obliviously racist Biden up against a potentially another racist Biden moment. #10. KAJAN […]

Another day, another Biden-sim as Biden Madness 2.0 continues! Day four, both contestants brought their best; however, it was another landslide as Biden’s TRUEINNERNATIONALDAPRESSURE advances. Today we bring you two Biden clips that will cause both confusion and laughter (what’s new.) #12 Cut My Head Off. A fairly new Biden comment that is making the […]

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been known to take complete 180’s on his COVID recommendations and theories. For instance, he started the pandemic by discouraging mask wearing to quickly becoming one of the mask mandates biggest advocates. He has also denied suggesting lockdowns, only to take credit for them later. It has now come to light […]