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Supporting Sobriety Podcast With Matt Bair & Ryan Hedrick

Supporting Sobriety Podcast

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Our Mission

The Supporting Sobriety Podcast is dedicated to providing hope to the unsung heroes behind those struggling with addiction…their friends and family.

We will share insights, stories and resources to help listeners support their loved ones and care for themselves on the recovery journey.

Meet The Hosts

Matt Bair

Ryan Hedrick And Matt Bair Supporting Sobriety Podcast

Matt considers himself blessed to be a recovering alcoholic. His lifetime profession as a radio broadcaster has been derailed multiple times by alcohol abuse but he remains alive and employed through the grace of God and help of others.

Matt lives by the humility introduced in the first step of 12-step recovery, that the alcoholic is truly “powerless over alcohol,” and the alcoholic in use of alcohol possesses a life that is “unmanageable.” He enunciates these beliefs in teaching recovery to alcoholics and addicts, while understanding there’s more to learn from the ones who don’t make it (Keep. Coming. Back). He truly believes everything “always gets better” if you don’t take the next drink or drug. Matt is dedicated to “supporting the supporters” like those who have been critical to his ongoing sobriety.

Matt is the long-time morning and afternoon traffic reporter for WIBC / Indianapolis.

Ryan Hedrick

Ryan Hedrick And Matt Bair Supporting Sobriety PodcastRyan Hedrick’s life has been a journey of recovery from a challenging battle with addiction spanning nearly 25 years. His struggles with cocaine and methamphetamine led him down a dangerous path, marked by numerous attempts at treatment. However, salvation came in the form of a 12-step program that became his sanctuary.

To break free from the shackles of addiction, Ryan committed himself to giving back to recovery communities nationwide. He extended his support by bringing 12-step meetings to jails and institutions, sponsoring men on their recovery journeys, and regularly attending meetings. Like his co-host, the clutches of drugs and alcohol jeopardized Ryan’s life and his career in radio.

Ryan is currently a reporter and morning news anchor at WIBC/Indianapolis where he met his podcast co-host Matt Bair. Together they strive to offer a beacon of hope to those grappling with similar struggles. Their podcast aims to reach and assist individuals behind the scenes by sharing personal experiences, strength, and hope with their followers. Through their collective journey, Ryan and Matt seek to inspire and support those supporting loved ones on the path to recovery.