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Shooting at Block Party in Muncie


TERRE HAUTE, IND –Ronald May’s Saturday night took a dangerous turn when he returned home from the casino in Terre Haute. He noticed a red truck trailing him as he pulled into his driveway. Suddenly, the driver, later identified as Dustin Roecker, raced toward him with alarming speed.

May said, “He just looked at me, then all of a sudden, he let out this battle cry yell and just floored the gas.”

The shocking footage captured by a Ring camera on his garage has garnered thousands of views.

Despite breaking two bones in his leg, May managed to leap onto the hood of the truck for safety. He reached for his pistol and fired several shots in self-defense.

Reflecting on the ordeal, May emphasized, “I had no other choice to do what I did. This is the first time I ever used my pistol.”