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Using pop culture and comedy, host Tony Katz entertainingly works his way through hard news and current events, making the complex easy to understand and exposing political and media hypocrisy along the way. Tony focuses on right vs. wrong instead of right vs. left. 
He has signed both sides of the paycheck and understands the joys and challenges of business ownership. In his college days, he sold pizza door-to-door. After school, he ran restaurants in Florida and Washington, D.C., and a merchant services company. 

A go-to voice for and culture, Tony has provided analysis to FOX News, Newsmax, NewsNation, CNBC and radio stations across the country. He has consulted with national organizations, helping them with messaging and focus. Tony is a sought-after public speaker and emcee, with an emphasis on new media, culture, capitalism and getting big laughs.
In addition to his WIBC radio shows and television appearances, Tony hosts the nationally syndicated Eat! Drink! Smoke! radio show and podcast,
which highlights his foodie love and passion for cigars. He is also the author of Let’s Go Bourbon! and Let’s Go BBQ!
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