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Tony Katz Interviews The GOP Gubernatorial Candidates For Govenor

Tony Katz Interviews The Indiana GOP Gubernatorial Candidates For Governor

WIBC and nationally syndicated radio host Tony Katz interviewed all of the Republican GOP Gubernatorial Candidates for Governor in Indiana. These interviews provide insight into the candidates and their perspectives, covering a range of topics relevant to the upcoming election. These topics include education, property taxes and the hurdle each candidate must overcome to attract voters.
The conversations were informal, and recorded over the span of 30 days between February and March.

Candidates interviewed:

Cutis Hill | Jamie Reitenour | Eric Doden | Brad Chambers | Suzanne Crouch | Mike Braun

You can watch the interviews with the gubernatorial candidates below!

1. Mike Braun

2. Suzanne Crouch

3. Brad Chambers

4. Eric Doden

5. Curtis Hill

6. Jamie Reitenour