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We’ve all had a day where the workload just kicks our butt. However, this beer brewer got absolutely annihilated by his work. Back Channel Brewing Co., located in Minnesota, recently posted some surveillance video that is going viral. The video shows an employee working on a beer tank when all the sudden the beer bursts […]

Friend of the show Poison frontman, Bret Michaels is coming to Indy with just a few of his friends! Parti-Gras music festival is coming back to Indy this summer for Parti-Gras 2.0! Bret Michaels is bringing the ultimate summer party, and it kicks off at Ruoff Music Center. Michaels won’t be the only iconic rocker […]

Nothing says celebrate the ones you love quite like a hilarious AI message. Here at the Hammer and Nigel show we are putting “special” in “special someone” this Valentine’s Day. That’s right, we have the President of the United States Joe Biden (AI version) here to wish you a “Happy.. well, anyway…”  And hey, it’s […]

After an all-nighter, the Senate passed a $95 billion foreign aid bill sending money to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. The final vote included 22 Republican senators voting for the bill. Tomi Lahren told the Hammer and Nigel Show last night was the perfect storm of the GOP playing the politics game of their peers and […]

Trigger Warning: In this article, we reference a hypothetical reality in which vice president Kamala Harris becomes the leader of the free world. You’ve been warned.  The media is slowly coming around to the reality of President Joe Biden’s senility. Unfortunately, we still have a way to go before the 2024 Election and people are […]

This is it! This is what we’ve been waiting for. The biggest sports betting day of the year. Families will get together, food and drinks will be consumed and degenerates like us will bet on a coin toss. Happy Super Bowl Weekend! Hammer and Scott have multiple ways to play the game. LET’S MAKE SOME […]

In the words of an iconic 90’s rapper, “guess whose back? back again? *crazy coupon lady* is back, tell a friend!” In a time where American’s come together, our lovely Crazy Coupon Lady is back to help you get the best savings for Super Bowl Sunday! That’s right, Chrystal Hammer is sharing some incredible deals […]

In a move that surprised absolutely no one, President Biden pointed the finger squarely at Donald Trump for the demise of the bipartisan immigration bill. President Biden spoke about the current proposed bipartisan immigration and foreign aid bill. The $118 billion bill would allow Biden to close the border, but also provide financial support for  […]

Target just cannot learn their lesson. It’s not a full week into Black History Month and the progressive chain is already embarrassing itself. In the past Target has received significant backlash for their products pushing a certain agenda. Last summer, Target found themselves in hot water after selling ‘tuck-friendly’ bathing suits. It was also last […]

Here at The Hammer and Nigel Show, Hammer likes to take a moment every now and then to shine a spotlight on his version of an American hero. This week a man from Columbus, IN has slid his way into our list of Hammer’s Heroes.  Stuart Cundiff is one of just 11 people who have […]