The Hammer and Nigel Show

On this day, October 2nd, 46 years ago… a man was born. Not just a man, a hammer.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAMMER! He thanks the beer in his veins, the adrenaline from sports betting, and his native Beech Grove heritage for helping him get this far in life. (And a loving family who hasn’t killed him…yet.) […]

It’s Week 5 of NCAA Football and Week 4 of the NFL. Last week Scott was in FIRE going 4-0-1! Scott is 3-1 in his “Best Bets” this season. ​Hammer is also 3-1 on his “Best Bets” and 2-1-1 on the “Degenerate Special” since we started these videos in Week 1. Hammer & Scott: 12-6-2 […]

After the mass disappointment from last night’s GOP debate, the real winner was clearly former President Donald Trump. Ironically enough, Trump wasn’t even in attendance. Trump ditched the GOP debate to visit the frontlines of Union Auto Workers strike in Michigan. Former Gubernatorial Candidate in Michigan Tudor Dixon believes this was a smart move from […]

There’s a new memorial that people are calling butt ugly… This unfortunate memorial has been making headlines after residents expressed concern over it’s not-so-subtle resemblance to well, in their exact words, “a human anus.” The city of Palm Springs, California commissioned a local artist to create an AIDS memorial sculpture for a downtown park. The […]

Emmy award winning TV journalist and best-selling author, Bill O’Reilly joined the Hammer and Nigel Show to talk about his new book Killing The Witches: The Horror of Salem, Massachusetts. You may know O’Reilly from “The O’Reilly Factor” or the “No Spin News,” but did you know he is also a best-selling author for his […]

It’s time to play…IS IT RACIST? President Joe Biden has an extensive list of names he’s butchered through the years. He’s mispronounced the names of prime ministers, congressman, and adding to that list- iconic American rappers. This past weekend the president spoke at the Congressional Black Caucus’ Phoenix Awards. Biden was addressing two award recipients […]

It’s Week 4 of NCAA Football and Week 3 of the NFL. Hammer is coming off a 4-1 week last week (4-0 in college football.) He hit his “Degenerate Special” and “Best Bet.” Scott also hit his “Best Bet” last week (Seattle.) Our professionals rounded out a great week by hitting both of their picks […]

There is nothing better than a good old-fashion local news interview with an animated civilian to tell the tale. This is one thing all Americans can get behind; we know a good local news interview when we see one. One of the top stories of the past week has focused on the lost unmanned F-35 […]

Bobby Burack, writer for Outkick, says the trans community is being exploited for a fundraising campaign. Burack joined the Hammer and Nigel show to discuss how the left is using the trans community to make the most powerful gay rights lobby, the Human Rights Campaign money. The HRC has been gaining funds from LGBTQ+ activism […]

Getting kicked off a plane- all the hot girls are doing it! It’s happened again, a woman’s outburst gets her kicked off a commercial flight. This passenger was cussing out those around her and talking about her social media fame… Remember just a few months ago, a woman demanded to get off a flight because […]