People love a good cringe-worthy slip-up. For musicians, the big mess up is forgetting the words for the National Anthem on live television; for politicians it’s crickets when they expected a roaring standing ovation. Today the First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, had one of those “please clap” moments. Dr. Biden didn’t quite get the reaction […]

California is one step closer to never tasting the rainbow again, which is ironic if you think about it. That’s right, California is one step closer to banning certain “toxic” ingredients found in Skittles among other candies. The California Assembly is sending Assembly Bill 418 to the state senate. The bill would ban the sale, […]

“May the force be with you.” Immediately a certain movie comes to mind. Whether you are a fan of the space galactic franchise or have never watched a scene, most everyone knows this quote is from Star Wars. There is a certain magic behind movies that can unite pop culture. The American Film Institute has […]

Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C) has officially announced his 2024 presidential bid. Scott announced his candidacy Monday at his alma mater Charleston Southern University. Sen. Scott’s announcement was nothing short of optimism and patriotism. He thanked his grandfather for instilling the confidence and love he has for this country. “Today, I am living proof that America […]

Heeeeeee’ssss baaacckk!! AI Tucker Carlson has come back to the Hammer and Nigel Show to discuss what the rumors of Fox replacing his old time slot. The Drudge Report posted earlier this week that Sean Hannity is taking over Tucker’s previous 8pm slot on the Fox network. Jesse Watters would move to 9pm and Gutfield […]

It hasn’t even been a month and the vice president is back with another big helping of word salad. VP Kamala Harris has made it a bit of a trademark to not just talk in circles, but to create another circle within it. Just last month, we heard VP Harris insert one of her favorite […]

Dolly Parton is known for many things from her songwriting to her signature hair (among other things.) However, through her decades-long career she has never been known to speak about politics. That is until this week. For years interviewers have been trying to get Miss Dolly to discuss her political stance. She has remained lip-tight […]

There have been countless politicians, celebrities, CEO’s, and world leaders who have given incredibly inspiring commencement speeches in years past. Commencement speeches are a time for the keynote speaker to pass on words of wisdom, encouragement, life lessons, and give the graduates confidence and hope for their future. President Joe Biden was invited to speak […]

At exactly midnight, May 12th, Title 42 is no longer in place. Over 10,000 migrants are lining up at the US southern border set to cross, according to Border Control officials. Title 42 was issued three years ago by former President Trump as an emergency health authority during the pandemic. The authority allowed the US […]

Cities around the country have to be on high alert as crime rates surge and violence increases. Well, in one town in Iowa they too are on high alert, but for a savage bunny rabbit. An angry rabbit has been “terrorizing” a neighborhood in Perry, Iowa. Residents reported two people had been bitten by this […]