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These boots were meant for snackin’ and that’s just what they do. Crocs has teamed up with Pringles to create the ultimate fashion meets flavor one-of-a-kind boot.

Pringles x Crocs Collection is the collaboration no one saw coming, but it’s here. Kellanova announced the new line stating they are “bringing ingenuity to fashion and flavor.” That’s just a fancy way of saying it’s so crazy, it just might work.

The collaboration includes classic croc clogs (but the straps are Mr. P’s mustache,) croc style slides, and charms. However, the hottest item has to be the $100 classic crush boot. The rubber boots come with a custom holster to store a grab-and-go Pringles can around the ankle. Each pair also comes with a special edition flavor of Pringles called “croc-tail party,” a watermelon chili lime flavor.

Hammer, who has dubbed himself the official ‘fat spokesperson’ of the show, congratulates crocs on this idea.

“Some people has a holster for their gun, fat people carry a holster for their potato chips… yes I am 100% okay with this.” 

Now we ask you, are you okay with this? Let us know what you think!