Cities around the country have to be on high alert as crime rates surge and violence increases. Well, in one town in Iowa they too are on high alert, but for a savage bunny rabbit. An angry rabbit has been “terrorizing” a neighborhood in Perry, Iowa. Residents reported two people had been bitten by this […]

This is one of those news stories that could easily be mistaken for a Lifetime movie. An author of a children’s book about grief has been charged with the murder of her husband. Eric Richins was found dead at the foot of his bed in early March of 2022. Eric’s wife, Kouri, said they were […]

Artificial Intelligence has really advanced our modern technology. Any person can take a clip of someone speaking and generate it to have the person say whatever they like. It’s impressive, realistic, and downright frightening. A friend of the show has sent us EXCLUSIVE audio of the President talking about a little accident he had at […]

Sniffing sharpies, drinking mouth wash, huffing paint are all highs of the past as the new generation of teens swap for lip balm. The popular trend of ‘beezin’ first caught on in 2010, but is back for a good buzzzzzz. The young “beezers” claim that applying Burt’s Bees lip balm on your eye lids will […]

Don’t cry because it’s over, cry because it happened… It’s been a long, at some points painful, road as you have endured Biden-ism after Biden-ism. We’ve heard from the most cringey, embarrassing, and downright confusing comments our sitting president has made to date. Today we have an official winner of this year’s Hammer and Nigel’s […]

In a world where good customer service is hard to come by, an Amazon Prime driver has given us hope. The Amazon driver went above the call of duty as he bravely crossed through a police standoff to complete his delivery. Reportedly SWAT team members were engaged in a 24-hour standoff with an armed suspect […]

A tourism group is getting backlash after they leaned into their sexually suggestive city name. Tourism is important for any town, that’s why the tourism organization for Regina, the capital city of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, decided to rebrand. Now before we go any farther, the way you pronounce Regina is REE-JI-NA, spoken with […]

It was another close call for Biden Madness 2.0! It was a tight game between two Biden-isms, but the unfortunate comment of Seed #3 “Where’s Jackie’ moves onto the final four. Thursday’s line-up will certainly divide a nation (kind of fitting for a Biden-themed game.) SEED #8. Happy Birthday  Reminder: Biden leading a ‘happy birthday’ […]

Things are heating up as everyone’s favorite Biden-isms are starting to compete against each other in Biden Madness 2.0’s regional finals! Monday started off the regional finals with Biden explaining he had his head cut open to ‘see if he has a brain’ and the president describing America in ‘one word.’ The choice was close, […]

Hammer and Nigel had the privilege of speaking to Mr. Movie Guide, Leonard Maltin! Fresh off this Sunday’s Academy Awards, “Mr. Movie Guide” Leonard Maltin joins to discuss the ceremony’s highlights and lowlights. Leonard also looks ahead to some of this summer’s most anticipated summer movie blockbusters, including “The Flash” starring Ben Affleck with Michael […]