On this day, October 2nd, 46 years ago… a man was born. Not just a man, a hammer.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAMMER! He thanks the beer in his veins, the adrenaline from sports betting, and his native Beech Grove heritage for helping him get this far in life. (And a loving family who hasn’t killed him…yet.) […]

There’s a new memorial that people are calling butt ugly… This unfortunate memorial has been making headlines after residents expressed concern over it’s not-so-subtle resemblance to well, in their exact words, “a human anus.” The city of Palm Springs, California commissioned a local artist to create an AIDS memorial sculpture for a downtown park. The […]

Getting kicked off a plane- all the hot girls are doing it! It’s happened again, a woman’s outburst gets her kicked off a commercial flight. This passenger was cussing out those around her and talking about her social media fame… Remember just a few months ago, a woman demanded to get off a flight because […]

Here at the Hammer and Nigel Show we are passionate about a lot of things. We are passionate about holding political leaders accountable, our home of Indianapolis, ice cold beer, bear attacks, and the occasional kazoo cover. There are so many incredible world records we’ve seen broken through the years from most drink cans crushed […]

Homelessness is becoming an issue in cities across the nation. A Chicago suburb believes they have a solution to bring awareness. The City of Highland Park in Illinois is hosting an event for the community to understand what it’s like to be in poverty. You might think the event involves supporting food pantries, volunteering at […]

We cover many things here on the Hammer and Nigel Show. The guys talk about the state of the country, hold local leadership accountable, they’re beer enthusiasts, support law enforcement, drink beer, (did we mention beer?) and occasionally talk about men transforming into dogs. A well-rounded show! A Japanese man has spent nearly $13,000 on […]

There are differing opinions on who really ‘won’ the GOP Primary Presidential debate held Wednesday night in Milwaukee. Eight candidates took the stage, but it felt like only a handful were really participating.  Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy seemed to be the favorites of the night. However, former New Jersey […]

A woman who has gone viral for claiming an airline passenger wasn’t “real” is apologizing for her behavior. It’s been over a month since the famous “you’re not real” video broke the internet. A woman in her mid-30s is seen standing in the aisle of an American Airline plane before takeoff demanding to get off. […]

We’ve all heard stories or even experienced a bad neighbor. The person or family could be too loud at night, leave trash around, constantly report others to the HOA, etc. But have you ever dealt with a CRAZY neighbor, someone a little more intense than the average bad neighbor. A video is going viral of […]

You know those news stories that sound more like an episode of a cheesy crime show than reality? Well, this is no exception. A Mexican restaurant chain in California has been ordered by the Department of Labor to pay $140,000 in damages to 35 employees for hiring a fake priest to collect “confessions” from them. […]