Editorial – Weird/Viral News

Our very own Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is saying, ‘Glitch, please!’ Thousands of flights across the country were delayed on Wednesday, seemingly out of nowhere. The Federal Aviation Administration was quick to note it was a glitch in the system. Due to the major disruption of their key safety system, the FAA asked all airlines […]

INDIANAPOLIS — A woman was arrested Christmas night after driving intoxicated onto the canal in downtown Indianapolis and broke through ice plunging into frigidly cold water. Indy firefighters were called about the car in the water shortly after 11:00 PM. Divers went in to search the car and found no one inside. But, they were […]

Kanye West is once again doubling down on his antisemitic agenda.  The rapper, whose legal name has been changed to “Ye,” says he “sees good things about Hitler” in a recent interview with Alex Jones. Over the last several months, Ye has made countless public statements targeting Jewish people including using stereotypes and threats. Several […]

I should make it clear at the outset that I’m not a member of PETA, I don’t have a problem with hunting, and I don’t own any cattle as household pets. I also make some of the tastiest steaks on the face of the planet. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll affirm that claim. […]

The friendly safety experts at “Snow Removal Hacks & Tricks” remind you to take the proper safety precautions before utilizing a military-grade flame thrower to clear ice & snow from your driveway this winter. Yes, clearing snow accumulation from your property with a massive stream of fire is great fun for the kids, but responsible […]

Houston TV reporter Isiah Carey got a little loose with the old language while discussing inflation during a recent newscast. During a segment of his FOX 26 show “The Isiah Factor Uncensored,” Carey informed the viewers of his wholesome program: “inflation continues to bitch slap the American family.” Naturally, there were the usual folks who […]

A liquor store owner in California was about to become the victim of an armed robbery. Instead, he became another glorious case study of why it’s important to protect the Second Amendment. Craig Cope, a wee lad of 80, was inside his Norco Market & Liquor shop in Norco, California just before 3 a.m. when […]

An obviously budget-conscious man in Brazil decided that he needed a nose job. And while medical experts say best practices for rhinoplasty include NEVER going with the lowest quote, the hero of this story knows that in the era of rampant inflation, every dollar counts. So Brazilian man with an unsatisfactory schnoz did what any […]

Distinguished Dunkin’ employee and TikTok user Sahmir is a fellow who truly appreciates the generosity of altruistic donut-munchers who visit the drive-through of the fantastic donut establishment where he works. Several times per day, says Samir, a benevolent customer will zip by in their four-door family sedan, purchase some fabulous fried dough delights for themselves, […]

The Setting: Disney’s Famed Magic Kingdom. The Scene: Young, impressionable children enjoying the beloved sight of two families beating the snot out of each other. The Inciting Incident: A woman was with her family at Mickey’s PhilharMagic Theater when she jumped out of line to get her phone, which she’d left on a wheelchair. When […]