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“Oops,” said the line man who accidentally cut off emergency services for four states (probably.)

Several 911 systems went down for hours after a bad light pole installation. Law enforcement across Nevada, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Texas were notified that residents were experiencing 911 outages Wednesday evening.

In this day in age, the outages must have been a hacker, terrorist, or maybe even a sign from another realm??? Nope, it was just an accidental fiber cut from a standard street lantern.

Lumen Technology, one of the companies that supports the emergency systems, reported later on that the outage was due to a third-party company installing a light pole. Services were restored by the following morning.

While it’s good to know the massive 911 outage was not malicious, it’s not so comforting to know just how fragile the nation’s 911 infrastructure is… Nigel points out, “if that can happen on accident with some idiots installing a light pole, imagine what someone who knows what they are doing could do with the power grid?” 

BUT LET’S NOT THINK ABOUT THAT! Instead, Hammer and Nigel reflect on their favorite ‘great moments in 9-1-1 history,’