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President Biden is infamous for his off-script comments while speaking to the press. He’s delivered lines such as “I’m going to bed,” “you know the thing,” and a reoccurring “…anyway.” However, it seems even when he has the words written literally in front of his face, he somehow messes that up too.

Earlier today, Biden spoke at a trade union conference in D.C. The president was reading off a teleprompter when he was seemingly told to start a chant after listing off his ‘accomplishments.’

“Imagine what we could do next. Four more years, pause.” 

He said, out loud, “pause” where he was supposed to take a dramatic pause. He pulled a Ron Burgundy and we’re all just okay with it. In fact, we just expect the mess ups at this point.

Which is why we created a list of our favorite “Biden reading the directions for himself on the teleprompter.” 


1. “End of Quote”

2. “End of Quote. Repeat Line.”

3. Biden confusing himself with numbers…

4. And sometimes he just gives up altogether..