President Biden is infamous for his off-script comments while speaking to the press. He’s delivered lines such as “I’m going to bed,” “you know the thing,” and a reoccurring “…anyway.” However, it seems even when he has the words written literally in front of his face, he somehow messes that up too. Earlier today, Biden […]

President Joe Biden may have hit a new low this weekend. On St. Patrick’s Day, Biden gave a few remarks at the White House alongside Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. Biden emphasized the strong bond between Ireland and the U.S. Biden attempted to unite the crowd by speaking about their support for Ukraine. However, the […]

Hunter Biden testified in front of the House Oversight members behind closed doors today on Capitol Hill. In Hunter’s opening statement, he wasted no time trying to clear his father, President Joe Biden’s name. He told the House Republicans “I did not involve my father in my business. You have built your entire partisan house […]

Trigger Warning: In this article, we reference a hypothetical reality in which vice president Kamala Harris becomes the leader of the free world. You’ve been warned.  The media is slowly coming around to the reality of President Joe Biden’s senility. Unfortunately, we still have a way to go before the 2024 Election and people are […]

Just a day after turning 81 years old, the president didn’t waste a moment to create a semi-creepy public encounter with a sweet innocent child. Biden met with military families at the Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia to celebrate a ‘friendsgiving.’ Families were served a thanksgiving dinner, and it followed a screening of the new […]

There is not much we’re guaranteed anymore in life, but the confidence of former President Donald Trump is something we can always count on. President Trump spoke to a rally in Iowa Monday about the changes he would make and others he’d bring back if reelected. Trump stated that one thing is for sure, he […]

It was the commentary of author Thomas Friedman that got me asking if this is a legitimate tactic: could the Biden Team seriously be considering the idea that they could keep presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden off the debate stage? Could they really keep him from debating President Donald Trump going into November? Nevermind […]

A recent Fox News poll shows presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden with an eight point lead over President Donald Trump in the general election. As with any poll taken in a pandemic, panic-gripped world, the results should be taken with massive grains of both salt and narrative. The Real Clear Politics polling average has shown Biden ahead for months. […]

Everyone’s got a book coming out about Donald Trump. Former member of the administration? You get a book deal! Worked on the Trump campaign? You get a book deal! Janitor at Mar-A-Lago? You get a book deal!   Now, Donald Trump’s niece has a book coming out full of scandalous stories. One particular tale describes […]

The mega-rally that President Donald Trump held in Tulsa, OK happened on schedule, but it wasn’t the sell-out that everyone expected. Media screamed and howled about the event; how it was dangerous in light of coronavirus to have that many people together, and how infection rates were on the rise in certain areas. Again, the […]