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Trump continues to go after Biden’s failing leadership, and we are here for it.

This weekend the former president spoke at a rally in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania. He focused primarily on his upcoming New York “hush-money” trial (set for today, Monday) as well as Iran striking Israel. He said both of those events happened because of President Joe Biden.

During his speech, he told the crowd that both the Hamas’ and Iranian attacks on Israel “would have not happened if we were in office.” Trump boasted that he “fought for Israel like no president ever before.” The crowd even started to chant, “Genocide Joe,” to which Trump agreed.

Trump also took a moment to list all of the Biden administration’s shortcomings in office including border control and inflation. In true Trump-fashion, he proclaimed “Everything he (Biden) touches turns to sh*t.”

It is almost endearing when Trump slips a cuss word in. In fact, that gives Hammer and Nigel a great excuse to go down memory lane with GREAT MOMENTS IN TRUMP SWEARING HISTORY. Listen below and let us know which clip is your favorite!