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The Supreme Court has been unsuccessful in identifying the individual who leaked a draft opinion to the media last year. The SCOTUS Marshal released a report Thursday stating that their investigative team hasn’t been able to identify a person responsible for leaking draft of Justice Samuel Alito’s opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization […]

Rep. Jim Banks has announced a 2024 Senate run. Banks is currently serving in his fourth term representing Indiana’s third district. His candidacy for senate will be to succeed GOP Sen. Mike Braun, who announced last month he will be bidding for governor rather than re-election to senate. Rep. Banks told Tony Katz Tuesday he […]

At this point we all can see White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has no idea what she is doing. Press briefing after press briefing, she shows lack of control, confidence, and well… answers. Her latest meeting with the media was no exception. During Thursday’s press briefing, Fox’s Peter Doocy was the first to push […]


WASHINGTON — The U.S. House of Representatives has a new Speaker. Republican leader Kevin McCarthy finally picked up enough support from his own party to become Speaker of the House.  After 15 votes — over four days — McCarthy came out on top of a bruising battle early Saturday. The final vote was 216 votes […]

Kevin McCarthy is not giving up yet. After three failed votes, the California GOP leader was not elected House Speaker. McCarthy was just shy of the 218 majority votes needed. Tony Katz spoke with Congressman elect Greg Pence on his surreal experience being on the floor during the voting. Pence said early Wednesday morning that […]

A new Speaker of the House will be voted on Tuesday. After weeks of negotiations, it is still yet unclear if GOP leader Kevin McCarthy has done enough to get the party’s vote. Just a handful of Republican objectors stand in the way of the McCarthy getting the gavel. Reps. Matt Gaetz, Andy Biggs, Bob […]

A progressive left-wing Democratic group is urging President Biden not to seek re-election. The group aired a television ad in New Hampshire stating if Biden were to run in 2024, due to his low approval rates, he would inevitably put a Republican in office. The “Don’t Run Joe” ad from the activist group, RootsAction, showed […]

The state of Washington has been approved to provide health insurance to illegal migrants within its borders. The Department of Treasury and the Department of Health and Human Services approved the state’s innovation waiver, which will change requirements for the Affordable Care Act. The HHS and Treasury Department say Washington government requested the waiver in […]

President Biden spent some time in a border state earlier this week, but couldn’t visit the actual US-Mexico border because he had “more important things going on.” Biden made a quick appearance at a TSMC’s Phoenix plant Tuesday. His 15 minutes speech focused on his optimism of the economy and the progress the computer chip […]

Kevin McCarthy has demanded the resignation of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for the lack of leadership in securing the southern border. The House Minority Leader visited the southern border Tuesday to acknowledge the ongoing issues of migrants crossing the border. McCarthy made a statement that if Mayorkas doesn’t resign, the Republican Party will investigate […]