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Here at The Hammer and Nigel Show, Hammer likes to take a moment every now and then to shine a spotlight on his version of an American hero. This week a man from Columbus, IN has slid his way into our list of Hammer’s Heroes. 

Stuart Cundiff is one of just 11 people who have been inducted into this year’s 2023 Champions of Crave, White Castle’s Cravers Hall of Fame. He earned this prestigious honor after dedicating 80 years of his life to a special White Castle family tradition.

Cundiff told our newsgathering partners at WISH-TV, that he has eaten at White Castle’s every Christmas Eve since he was a boy. The 85-year-old said the tradition started with his father.

“My dad was a Louisville fireman working the 24 on 24 off shift. My dad decided that he was going to do something special for my Christmas Eve birthday. So he arranged with another fireman that dad would always have Christmas Eve off, and the other firemen would always have Christmas Day off. So that set up a tradition that we celebrated.”

Stuart Cundiff

Source: White Castle Cravings / White Castle

After their White Castle meal, they would often head to the movies. 

WISH -TV says “Cundiff and his dad followed that tradition until he left to serve in the U.S. Air Force. His wife carried on the tradition, always making sure that Stuart had White Castle Sliders on his Christmas Eve birthday.”

Over 80 years of White Castle, a veteran, and just a wholesome Hoosier makes Cundiff the perfect addition to another hall of fame, Hammer’s Heroes. Be sure to have a slider this weekend in honor of Stuart!

Check out his full story on WISH-TV, here.