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Basketball fans live for March, and now so do Hammer and Nigel listeners! The NCAA has March Madness, and we have a brand-new competition called Meltdown Madness. 

For the last couple of years, Hammer and Nigel have created their own bracket-style competitions for the month of March. During the pandemic, the boys played “Covid Hypocrisy Madness.” Last year, “Biden Madness” was born. This year, we have “Meltdown Madness.” 

Each weekday around 4:35pm Hammer and Nigel will present two audio clips of famous meltdowns. The clips range from coaches going off-the-rails, celebrities’ egos imploding, and politicians losing their minds.

Once the clips of the day are played, YOU vote on X which meltdown was the worst. The best part of this game? You decide what a meltdown is by voting. Are the clips over the top? Hilarious? Embarrassing? All of the above?

The following day, Hammer announces which clip moves onto the next round until we have an ultimate champion.

Today is the Play-In Game! The winner of these two clips advances to the field of 16! It’s a tale of two very disturbing, yet unforgettable phone calls.

Mel Gibson’s infamous call to an ex-girlfriend. 

The year was 2010 when a leaked clip of a phone call between Mel Gibson and his ex-girlfriend surfaced amid a nasty custody battle between their than nine-month-old daughter. Gibson was caught in a racist rant where he wished awful things on his ex.


Alec Baldwin, dad of the year. 

Then there’s America’s sweetheart, Alec Baldwin. In 2007 Baldwin left a voicemail for his 11-year-old daughter Ireland. He not only mentioned his wife (her mother) being a pain in the ass, but how his daughter is an embarrassment and pig.

Now we ask you… which meltdown deserves to be in the competition?

Racial slurs or screaming at a little girl? It’s a tough call, but we know you can do it!

Tune in every weekday to WIBC around 4:35pm to listen! Voting for each day is open for 24 hours.

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