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The figurative ball is rolling!

Recapping the first few rounds of Meltdown Madness: we have Alec Baldwin sneaking in as the 16th seed. Round one saw R. Kelly’s famous meltdown conquer the Dean Scream by a mile.

The second round pitted a Hollywood heartthrob and a king disc jockey.

#5 SEED: Casey Kasem getting increasingly more upset that his producer wants him to do a dedication about a dead dog after an up-tempo song.


#12 SEED: Tom Cruise lost it in 2020 on the set of Mission Impossible 7 because a crew member was not wearing a mask.

Catch that recap here:

The people have spoken, and they want Casey Kasem to move on up the Meltdown bracket! Somebody call Don! 

Round Three is a tale of two coaches. These Red-Ass Americans bring the passion to this face-off.

#6 SEED: Oklahoma State Head Football Coach Mike Gundy was NOT HAPPY with a reporter ripping one of his players in the newspaper. You may remember the line “I’m a man… I’m 40!” 


#11 SEED: Saints coach Jim Mora was also NOT HAPPY that his team looked awful in the second half. Mora as this point pretty much coined the phrase “diddly poo.” 

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