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The best tournament of the year continues! (Okay, ONE of the best tournaments.)

In case you’ve missed the fun so far, we are in round one of Hammer and Nigel’s Meltdown Madness. Each weekday we have two clips from an athlete, celebrity, musician, coach, etc. having complete meltdowns. You decide who had the biggest meltdown by voting on our X page every evening.

Winners of round one includes R. Kelly’s meltdown with Gayle King, Casey Kasem upset with producers, and Coach Mike Gundy with his infamous “I’m a man…I’m 40!” explosion. 

Friday, we saw a very drunken Johnny Depp face off a very upset Bill O’Reilly.

#15 SEED. Johnny Depp was filmed by former girlfriend Amber Herd. Depp was stumbling in the house around 9am, throwing and punching objects in the house before he mumbled “You want to see crazy? I’ll give you f-ing crazy.” He then downed a bottle of wine. Oh, the pirates life for him!


#2 SEED. Bill O’Reilly was caught raging about the teleprompter on the set of Inside Edition. The viral moment coined the phrase “Let’s do it LIVE!”

Catch up on Friday’s game here:

It was no surprise, that despite Depp’s creepy impersonation of Jack Sparrow, Bill O’Reilly proved why he is the #2 seed with the win. 

This brings us onto today. Round One, Game 5!

#7 SEED: Christian Bale melting down on a movie set when a lighting guy accidentally gets in his shot. “Ohhhhh, good for youuuu!”


#10 SEED: Tommy Lasorda responds to allegations that he ordered his Dodgers pitcher to intentionally throw at Padres player Kurt Bevacqua. Things escalated quickly.

This may be the closest game yet! Be sure to vote NOW to see your favorite move onto the next round. Polls open until 1pm 3/12/24.

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