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Florida: the state of sunshine, oranges, DeSantis, alligators, iconic news headlines and now the most American athletic showdown in history.

The Florida Man Games kicked off this weekend in St. Augustine and drew a huge crowd, for a good reason!

The fun-bizarre-wild competition featured games based off of the crazy stories that have come out of the Sunshine State. Each participant engaged in several unique physical challenges that can only be described as… “very Florida.”

Here are just some of the categories from the weekend:

Evading Arrest Obstacle Course: This obstacle course had athletes navigate fences and yards while being pursued by real police officers.

The Category 5 Cash Grab: Contestants attempted to obtain as many dollar bills as possible in a wind-blowing booth.

And probably a Hammer and Nigel favorite, Beer-Belly Wrestling. The less visuals we give on that the better.

The genius behind The Florida Man Games, Pete Melfi, told Fox that the goal was to give anyone “the opportunity to live that Florida Man life for a day.”