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BROWNSBURG, Ind. — You should already know not to flush baby wipes down the toilet, but they are not the only thing on the list of things you shouldn’t flush.

“There’s three P’s,” said Wastewater Department Superintendent Kathy Dillon said to WISH-TV. “Pee, poop and paper!” 

Last week, Brownsburg wastewater water workers had to replace a brand new pump at their water and sewage treatment facility because someone in the Hendricks County town felt it necessary to flush their underwear down the toilet.

That underwear ended up getting caught in a pump at the treatment plant causing it to lock up and back up sewage into some people’s homes.

“It was a brand new pump,” Dillon said. “We literally had just installed it the day before so we were a little bit surprised why it was failing so prematurely.”

Many of the townsfolk in Brownsburg are upset to hear about the mishap, especially since it is their taxpayer dollars that have to pay to replace the busted pump. 

“That’s really stupid,” said Diana Ramsey. “It’s, like, why do people do that? I don’t get it!”

Dillon advises you to follow the three P’s and to not take companies that market their products at “flushable” at their word. She says on top of baby wipes and underwear, feminine hygiene products and dental floss should not be flushed either. 

Instead, throw them in the trash.

(PHOTO: ullstein bild/Getty Images)