INDIANAPOLIS — Football fans nationwide have gathered in the city for the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine. This event is crucial for college football players dreaming of going pro, with over 300 of the finest athletes in town showcasing their skills in front of coaches, general managers, and scouts. WIBC Radio spoke with fans who traveled […]

INDIANAPOLIS — Police arrested a man for murder. Alexander Cross, 27, was taken into custody for a shooting that happened on Tuesday in the 100 block of S. Belmont Avenue on the city’s west side. Police said when they arrived, they found an adult male inside a residence with injuries consistent with gunshot wounds. The […]

LAPORTE, IND –Hoosiers in Northwest Indiana are calling for an independent audit of the La Porte School Corporation’s finances. The state has already conducted an audit and found some discrepancies, with some asking where the money went. According to school officials, the problems result from a technological malfunction. The school has hired someone to address […]

INDIANAPOLIS –AT&T said it will issue Hoosiers a $5 credit for the inconvenience caused by last week’s widespread outage. Some Hoosiers tell WIBC Radio that credit should vary depending on how much trouble the outage caused you. “It would depend on how long it was out for that individual,” said one man. “I know that […]

Look out Vegas, there is a new go-to wedding spot! It’s cheap, it’s unique, and there’s even snacks. A gas station restroom! A couple is going viral after they tied the knot at a funky convenience store’s disco-themed bathroom. HOP Shops is a small gas station chain in Kentucky known for their lively bathrooms. The […]

This is a Netflix movie in the making. Brothers become millionaires after scamming the US Postal Service for three years. Two brothers from California have plead guilty after years of collecting fraudulent insurance money from USPS. How did they do it? One package at a time. The brothers would buy USPS Priority Mail packages and […]

We’ve all had a day where the workload just kicks our butt. However, this beer brewer got absolutely annihilated by his work. Back Channel Brewing Co., located in Minnesota, recently posted some surveillance video that is going viral. The video shows an employee working on a beer tank when all the sudden the beer bursts […]

Other officers joined the injured officer at the hospital to show support. The investigation continues. The stretch of Northbound 67, where the accident happened, was closed for several hours.

INDIANAPOLIS –Promoting love and unity through basketball is the goal of a HoopBus project. The organization started in Los Angeles with a 40-foot yellow school bus and has quickly grown to a fleet of 5 Hoopbuses across the country, continuing to bring basketball to communities and unexpected places, spreading the love of basketball. “We have […]

INDIANAPOLIS — Many Hoosiers remember the “Malice at the Palace,” a fight during a game between the Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons. A man who had a prominent role in that fight, Meta World Peace, whose name was Ron Artest at the time, is back in Indianapolis for NBA All-Star Weekend. Ron Artest changed […]