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The crisis at the US border continues as the US Customs and Border Protection released last month’s migrant numbers. The CBP’s border report for March states they had 191,900 encounters of people trying to cross the US border illegally. This is up 23% from February.

In addition to the latest report, this brings the total number of illegal crossings under President Biden to over 6 million people. For the first time in history, monthly apprehensions at the southern border have surpassed 150,000 for 25 consecutive months.

GOP Officials are once again asking DHS Secretary Mayorkas why the border has become a free-for-all all while adding to the fentanyl crisis as well as human trafficking in the country.

Sen. Josh Hawley has asked Mayorkas specifically about the child sex trafficking happening at the border.

“We find 10s – of- thousands of children who are forced to work as slaves because of your policies and you turn around and blame a prior administration.”

We are at a point where we even agree with SEN. MITT ROMNEY.

Instead of taking responsibility, Mayorkas and the Biden administration continues to plea innocence as they point their fingers to former President Trump.

Hammer and Nigel talk about the recent border report and more: