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Delicious… Tasty… Flavorful… Deadly?

A consumer is suing candy maker Mars, alleging Skittles contain a “known toxin” that makes the candy “unfit for human consumption.”

Attorneys for California resident Jenile Thames said Skittles are unsafe for consumers because they contain “heightened levels” of titanium dioxide. A lawsuit seeking class-action status was filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California on Thursday.

Here’s the thing: Who cares?

We’ve got COVID. We’ve got smallpox. Joe Biden is the freaking President of the United States! What more can hurt us? We’re bulletproof at this point.

And here’s the other thing: People have been eating Skittles candies for decades. Hammer and Nigel have been eating them since they were young children and they’re the picture of perfect health.

Fun Fact: Titanium dioxide is used to produce that artificial rainbow coloring that covers each Skittles candy.

Funner Fact: In 2016, Mars Inc. announced its intention to remove titanium dioxide from its products over the next few years, according to a release from the Center for Food Safety.

Inescapable Conclusion: There’s probably something to this titanium dioxide being bad for you thing. But still… Tasty…