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Attention Lovers of Tender, Flavorful, Hormone-Infused Meat:

Researchers have determined that organic meat, generally considered friendlier to the environment (and priced accordingly), has approximately the same impact on the planet’s climate as conventionally-farmed meat.

The study, conducted by a trio of German scientists, compared the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the raising, slaughtering, processing, and distributing of conventionally-produced meat versus organic.

The scientists concluded there was very little difference in the carbon and methane inputs associated with the production and distribution of organic meat compared to its conventional counterpart.

German-Backed Fact: Conventional meat production involves the use of tasty pesticides, the production and use of which results in significant carbon emissions.

German-Backed Fact: Animals raised for organic meat production grow slower and yield less meat, leading to GREATER methane emissions.

German-Backed Fact: Organic chicken production involved slightly HIGHER levels of carbon and methane emissions. Organic pork production yielded slightly lower greenhouse emissions.

Disturbing Photo of Cow Raised in California:

Unsolicited Nonsense Opinion Put Forth by Market-Meddling German Researchers: Prices of conventional and organic meats should be adjusted to reflect their negative environmental impacts.

Note to German Researchers: The free market should determine the price of organic and conventional meat – not German researchers. Stick to science and playing with your beaker.


Bottom-Line: Eating hormone-infused meat might cause your daughter to develop breasts at the age of five, but it’s no worse for the environment than top dollar organic meat.

CLICK HERE to read the study for yourself if you’re one of those annoying types on social media who constantly tells people to “Do Your Research Before Posting!”

Bon Appétit!

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