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Mere hours after imposing a statewide mask mandate for by executive order, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb may have broken his own rules.

A photo that was allegedly captured at an event for a prominent Republican Monday night appears to show the Governor standing in front of a large crowd without a proper face-covering in place.

The image also appears to reveal only a handful of those present at the event were wearing masks themselves, and none of them were practicing social distancing.

WIBC has been unable to confirm the date of the event at which the photo in question was captured.

If legitimate, this the image would mark the second time the Governor has been caught in public without his trusty mask. In early May, Holcomb was forced to issue an apology after a photo of him in a Brown County restaurant without his mask went viral on social media.

The Chicks on the Right and Producer Rob Kendall discussed Governor Holcomb’s potential post-mandate lapse in judgment in today’s edition of Speedround.

(Photo: Jim Watson/Getty Images)