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The owner of a long-time fitness facility in Carmel, Indiana claims her business suffered several thousand dollars in flood damage resulting from the construction of a city-backed building next door.

Sherry Wood, who operates Spectrum Sports on Carmel Drive told the Indianapolis Star she never experienced flooding until work began on the Proscenium, a $60 million mixed-use development at 1212 S Rangeline Road. Since last October, however, Wood says her building has flooded twice, resulting in $60,000 worth of damage.

Wood told IndyStar she hasn’t been able to use her building since the beginning of January due to the latest damage, adding that she has to replace 90% of her flooring and matting.

Wood’s lawyer is asking the city to cover the cost to replace equipment.

After the most recent flood to Spectrum Sports, a restoration company Wood hired advised the flood water “contained chemicals and other contaminants from the construction site,” requiring 90% of the flooring and matting, plus gymnastics shapes and sporting blocks to be replaced.

Jeremy Kashman, a Carmel city engineer, told the IndyStar there was “one specific instance” after the city purchased the building in January where the roof drains of the Proscenium led to flooding in the building.

“As part of the Proscenium construction a portion of the ditch that runs along the businesses was filled in,” said Kashman. “We have been working with the Proscenium to make sure there is a positive drainage path.”

In the meantime, Wood’s Spectrum Sports facility remains closed.

“There has been a loss of business,” Wood told IndyStar. “We have lost current customers due to the inability to provide the gymnastics training in classes.  We have been unable to book special events such as gymnastics parties.”

WIBC host Tony Katz has only one question: When will the city of Carmel admit they cost $60,000 worth of damage to Sherry Wood’s business?


“Look, I don’t know all the details, but if Mayor Brainard doesn’t take care of this issue that they’ve caused, then exactly what kind of a city is it?

“Just handle it, Carmel. Businesses all across the country are shut down over Coronavirus and this woman is stuck with $60,000 in damage because you can’t figure out how to make water flow?

The woman has owned this business for 20 years, she never had a problem with flooding before construction began on the Proscenium. You think that’s a coincidence?”

Photo: Isaac Brekken / Stringer / Getty Images