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A Bernie Sanders supporter intends to press charges against MSNBC anchor Chris Jansing following a confrontation that turned physical over the network’s recent coverage of the Vermont Senator.

As the Michigan primary was underway, “progressive podcaster” Jack Allison approached Jansing at the Detroit Institute of the Arts and asked her why the network chose not to dedicate any significant coverage to the disrupter who flew a Nazi flag at Sanders’ rally in Arizona last week.

“Hi, can I ask you a question?” Allison asked. “Why did your network not find it newsworthy to report on an anti-Semitic attack [at] the Jewish candidate’s rally on Friday?”

“I don’t make those decisions. So I can’t answer that,” Jansing replied.

“So who makes those decisions? Because I texted producer Daniel Arnall personally and told him about this information, so it’s not credible that no one in the building knows. So I want to know why the network made that decision,” Allison asked.

Jansing then told Allison, “I don’t like your attitude” and “I don’t appreciate you harassing me.”

In the video, at least one man whom Allison describes as a “security guard” is seen standing between him and Jansing. Before the video ends, Jansing is seen reaching for Allison’s phone.


Allison alleged in an interview with Fox News that Jansing “gripped my phone as hard as she could and tried to take it from me” and ordered, “Don’t film me without my permission.” He then claimed that he was put in a “headlock” by what he thought were two MSNBC security guards.

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