We’ve all had a day where the workload just kicks our butt. However, this beer brewer got absolutely annihilated by his work. Back Channel Brewing Co., located in Minnesota, recently posted some surveillance video that is going viral. The video shows an employee working on a beer tank when all the sudden the beer bursts […]

Target just cannot learn their lesson. It’s not a full week into Black History Month and the progressive chain is already embarrassing itself. In the past Target has received significant backlash for their products pushing a certain agenda. Last summer, Target found themselves in hot water after selling ‘tuck-friendly’ bathing suits. It was also last […]

Here we go! It’s NFL Conference Championships. The lines have been moving all week. Hammer and Scott have multiple ways to play these games. LET’S MAKE SOME BETS! Scott has been hot this past month on all his NFL plays. He still rocks a winning overall record. Hammer’s “Best Bet” has been strong all year. […]

Just a day after turning 81 years old, the president didn’t waste a moment to create a semi-creepy public encounter with a sweet innocent child. Biden met with military families at the Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia to celebrate a ‘friendsgiving.’ Families were served a thanksgiving dinner, and it followed a screening of the new […]


INDIANAPOLIS — Last night saw one of the defining acts of the 90’s shine under a disco ball at the TCU Ampitheater. “An Evening With CAKE” featured two sets from the band responsible for hits like “Short Skirt / Long Jacket” and “The Distance.” Seeing CAKE live was this great blend of fans new and […]

Biden is doing a real bang-up job of instilling confidence in Democrats’ so-called Inflation Reduction Act, which passed Sunday. While touring flood damage in Kentucky Monday, the President informed a small crowd that had gathered in front of some storm-damaged mobile homes that the bill funds healthcare “and God knows what else.” Moments earlier, Biden […]

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson just made history from his humble multi-million dollar estate in Celebrityland, USA. The wrestler, who also blesses the people of this great nation with his abilities as a highly-skilled trained thespian, did something Sunday night that he’s never challenged himself to do before. This grand achievement was so glorious, so startling, […]

A liquor store owner in California was about to become the victim of an armed robbery. Instead, he became another glorious case study of why it’s important to protect the Second Amendment. Craig Cope, a wee lad of 80, was inside his Norco Market & Liquor shop in Norco, California just before 3 a.m. when […]

Self-serving celebrity apologies have never looked so good! Will Smith has finally broken his silence about the Oscars slap controversy (again) and offered a sincere and heartfelt (cough) apology for his behavior (again). Will’s sorry. He’s sorry to Chris Rock. He’s sorry to Chris Rock’s mom. He’s sorry to YOU. But most of all, Will’s […]

Americans absolutely LOVE dogs. Yes, they shed, they drag their butt across the carpet, and they’re slightly more expensive to maintain than a high-mileage Ferarri. But still…   Adorable, right? Granted, some dogs have issues with aggression due to mistreatment or inherent traits in their breed, but those challenges can usually be resolved. And even […]