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(Al Drago/Getty Images)

A federal judge has turned down President Donald Trump’s request to alter a decades-old legal settlement known as the Flores agreement, to allow long-term detention of children who entered the U.S. illegally with their parents.

Los Angeles-based U.S. District Court Judge Dolly Gee dismissed as “tortured” the Trump administration’s legal argument to get out from under the so-called Flores consent decree agreed to in 1997, dictating that children in immigration detention not be held more than 20 days.

“Defendants seek to light a match to the Flores Agreement and ask this Court to upend the parties’ agreement by judicial fiat,” wrote Gee. “It is apparent that Defendants’ Application is a cynical attempt…to shift responsibility to the Judiciary for over 20 years of Congressional inaction and ill-considered Executive action that have led to the current stalemate.”

WIBC host Tony Katz told his listeners that the judge’s decision should frustrate, but not gloss over the fact that none of the challenges and unfortunate circumstances surrounding migrant children would be occurring had the parents obeyed the law.

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