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Mayor Joe Hogsett has gone rogue. A month ago, Joe Hogsett went on stage alone to announce that he was leading the effort to bring the MLS to Indianapolis.

The problem with all of this was that there was already a plan to bring the MLS to Indianapolis. The Indy Eleven was working to be that MLS team, and its owner Ersal Ozdemir of the Keystone group were in the process of building the stadium for the future MLS Team. (below)

But that was all quickly forgotten when the mayor unceremoniously dumped Ozdemir for presumably a bigger, better deal. Now Hogsett is dreamingly pitching getting an MLS team, as if this wasn’t in the works before.


For a city with sports in its DNA, we shouldn’t take our foot off the gas.

But Mayor Hogsett, you’re the one who changed direction, taking the city’s “foot off the gas”. There was a plan in place, and without proof of a new owner and stadium developer, the residents of Indianapolis now have to buy into your new plan?

Hogsett and their team have told us that they had to drop the Diamond Chain because the MLS won’t use a stadium there. Where’s the proof?

The local press outside of WIBC have largely been absent on the matter. Where’s the reporting on why the sudden change of heart by the mayor? They say the remains are the issue. The remains were a known issue at the groundbreaking, when the Mayor and the Governor were all smiles.

The remains argument is a red herring. It’s to keep eyes off of what’s really going on. Who’s this new investor? What promises were made? And what will this do for future investment in the city seeing that its an untrustworthy partner? Crickets from the local media, who have become cheerleaders for whatever the mayor or his team demands.

Tony Katz in response to James Briggs at the IndyStar:

Tony Katz:

Why am I the only person asking this question? We are not talking about Major League Soccer and Indianapolis, were not talking about a stadium, were talking about what kind of city we are and why. Is it that the so-called intellectuals of Indianapolis, why is it that the reporters, why is it that the media, why is it that the city leaders are so unbelievably quiet? Aren’t they curious? Don’t they see the basic issue? Or is everyone getting paid? Am I the only schmuck not getting a check? Is everybody so ideologically aligned? Am I really that far on the outside of the radicalness of the ideology that permeates Indianapolis? Everyone just be quiet on “We all like the Democrats. We all get a little taste.” Holy cow. Dan Parker and Joe Hogsett have not provided an ounce of proof. I don’t care what city-county councilor Dan Boots said. You’re out of your head. What proof do you have that Major League Soccer won’t play if there’s a stadium at Diamond Chain? Show your work or stop saying it.

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