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Tony Katz:

See what happens when you tell Gregg Doyel he can’t cover the love of his life, Caitlin Clark? He starts covering Major League Soccer in the Indy Eleven and it becomes a big hot mess. And I put forth to you that while I keep hearing about Gregg Doyel sources and James Briggs sources, I want names because I don’t know if I trust these sources at all. These sources that say that Major League Soccer will not build the stadium at the site of the Diamond Chain building because of the human remains there. Who told you this? Because I asked the Indy Eleven whether or not Major League Soccer ever said a stadium was a no go at the Diamond Chain because of human remains found there and the answer was a resounding NO. Major League Soccer has never said a word. 

The latest moves by the mayor’s office suggests that the human remains issue is a new one, and that the only proper way to honor the deceased is for the city of Indianapolis to take ownership of the property. The mayor knew this when he was breaking ground with the Indy Eleven:

Tony Katz:

But now he (Hogsett) needs to get this whole thing out of the way. So, his plan is the only acceptable plan. So, what does he do? He does what he does to Ambrose Group and to James Briggs’ credit, he brings it up in his latest op-ed. (below) It was the city of Indianapolis that tried to strong arm the Ambrose Group. “Hey, you’ve got this property. We want it. We’re not gonna allow you to sell to anybody else. The only people you could sell to is us,” you mafioso freaks. What kind of strong-arm Sopranos tactic is that? We talked about it here. This was years ago.  

Tony Katz:

They’re doing it again. “We will buy the building at fair market value because the stakeholders need a say in what happens with these remains.” Joe Hogsett and Dan Parker, the deputy mayor, are using the dead as a prop to try and create bad will and ill will towards the Keystone Group and Ersal Ozdemir to try and force them into a sale. That’s what’s happening. That’s the way your mayor is acting.

Tony Katz:

I don’t know if Ersal is gonna get a stadium or a team. I don’t know if there’s gonna be another ownership group. Sometimes deals don’t work out. But if anybody thinks they can trust the city of Indianapolis in a deal… you can’t. Joe Hogsett and Dan Parker cannot be trusted.


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