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The ongoing saga of Hogsett and his team versus Ersal Ozdemir and the Keystone Group continued yesterday when the City of Indianapolis announced its intentions to buy the former Diamond Chain site, which was to be become Eleven Park, the future home of the Indy Eleven.

Eleven Park

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City of Indianapolis Wants to Buy Former Diamond Chain Site (

The argument being made by the Hogsett’s team is that here are human remains on the site, and in order to properly respect the dead, to “further inclusive community conversations” and “right the wrongs” of the past, the city MUST buy the property.

This is a ruse says Tony Katz:

Tony Katz:

As we said from the beginning, all conversations about the remains that are there is all a ruse. Every part of it. The city has to right the wrongs. All of a sudden, we’re gonna have stakeholders in the conversation, other people deciding how the property could be developed. Why should the Keystone Group have the right to do this? And what makes anybody think that the Keystone Group can’t handle these remains properly? What a disgusting thing the city is saying. Yes, I’m talking to you, Miss Wishner. And I’m talking to you, Deputy Mayor Parker. The idea that Ersal Ozdemir and the Keystone Group cannot handle this properly and respectfully is nonsense. The idea that the city has to be involved to make sure that everybody has a stake in what happens when the city buys the property and they might force the sale because they’ve done it before. Remember when they said, hey, you can’t have this property, but you’re not allowed to sell to anybody else except us. That that’s not necessarily a a free and fair market, now is it? When Indianapolis gets that building, you know what they’re gonna do? They’re gonna build a stadium and they won’t give a damn about the remains. This is disgusting. As I put out, Joe Hogsett has embarrassed himself and this fantastic city. He has made an announcement about getting an MLS team and had no plan to make it happen. He threatened future growth by showing the city as a bad faith business partner and now he’s saying Keystone Group has to give up their plan and uses the dead as a way to build resentment against the current development. But he would build a stadium on that same “hallowed ground.” Joe Hogsett is despicable and so is his team. Disgusting people. 

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