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Closeup of wedding rings on a mirrored surface

This article in The Sun about black wedding bands caught my attention. What I read surprised me…A couple who is very open about their relationship spilled the beans.

The Sun article says: “We have a secret signal to attract other couples like us.” The secret signal, a black wedding band. According to the couple, the black wedding band on the man’s right hand is a sign that couples are into “swinging.” Wasn’t expecting that! 

The couple in the article have been married for 11 years. However, Liv adds, “Everybody has different boundaries. Our number one rule is protection at all times, safe sex.”


Besides a Black Wedding Band, What Are Other Signs?

The upside-down pineapple decorating your front porch or inside your grocery cart can be a sign. So is pineapple jewelry. Other symbols include placing plastic flamingos in your front yard to let others know you’re up for a good time.

Plastic Pink Lawn Flamingos in a Yard with Gravel and Plants in Palm Springs, California

Garden gnomes have also become another domestic decoration that secretly signifies swinging.

Garden Gnome


Additionally, pampas grass planted in a person’s front yard used to be a sign that you have a neighbor with a busy bedroom. However, sales of the plant have plummeted by about 50% in the past five years. Horrified gardeners realized they may be sending out the wrong message with their horticulture.

Pompass Grass on the Marsh

The New York Post also claims if a woman is wearing an anklet or a toe ring, she may be advertising that she is into an alternative sexual lifestyle. Albeit the latest trend for a non-traditional relationship is a black wedding band.

Closeup, man and woman walking smiling holding hands. Close-up of a young interracial couple in love going on a city street

The New York Post states, “Swinging is reported to be on the rise, with as many as 15 million Americans habitually swapping partners to spice things up. And research has revealed swingers in the US are “mostly white, middle-aged and middle income.”

On TikTok, the hashtag #UpsideDownPineapple has clocked a whopping 149 million views. And the biggest surprise of them all…according to Vanity Fair, most swingers are Republicans.

Row of the ripe yellow pineapples on the counter of a fruit shop in the tropical island. Fresh juice and vitamins for a healthy lifestyle on summer vacation

3Fun, described as “the largest dating app for open-minded couples and singles,” has members in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. The company recently narrowed in on the 617,335 active members and 210,889 couples in the U.S.