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Sniffing sharpies, drinking mouth wash, huffing paint are all highs of the past as the new generation of teens swap for lip balm. The popular trend of ‘beezin’ first caught on in 2010, but is back for a good buzzzzzz.

The young “beezers” claim that applying Burt’s Bees lip balm on your eye lids will get you high, intensify the effects of alcohol, and can help you stay awake. However, like most TikTok trends ‘beezin’ has been professionally proven to be not just ineffective, but dangerous. (We know, you’re shocked.)

Doctors are making public service announcement about the risk of putting Burt’s Beeswax Lip Balm under your eyes. They are specifically concerned over the main ingredient, peppermint oil aka menthol. While the moisturizing product is good for lips, the ingredients are not meant to be near the eyes. Medical professionals warn that menthol near the eye could cause irritation, infection, or even inflammation that could lead to vision loss or vision loss.

This whole thing can be summarized by Dr. Patrick Harkins, an ophthalmologist in Waco, Texas, who told Fox News Digitial:

“If it’s on TikTok, don’t do it. That’s my parting advice.”

It may be none of our beeswax, but that seems like standard good life advice.

Hammer and Nigel talk ‘beezin,’ and we learn something new about Nigel (he LOVES his lip balm!) :