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We had a strong week of Biden Madness 2.0! 

Thursday’s competitors were as cringey as they come. Ultimately, ‘where’s Jackie’ (painfully) moves onto the next round while we say goodbye to ‘white boy.’

Today’s a BIG round as the #1 seed enters the game.

#1 SEED: You Know The Thing. 

This Biden-ism swept the floor a few years ago with the first Biden Madness. A classic moment when the president attempted an inspiring speech, reflecting on the words that helped shape this country, the Declaration of Independence. However, just a few words in Biden gives up because…well, you know the thing!


#16 SEED: Pearl Nelson Military. 

A fresh-off the pulpit moment here! Biden was giving his appreciation to all working nurses while reflecting his own experience in the hospital. The president talks about his nurse years ago, Pearl, who made him apparently feel more than comfortable while recovering.

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