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Another day, another Biden-sim as Biden Madness 2.0 continues!

Day four, both contestants brought their best; however, it was another landslide as Biden’s TRUEINNERNATIONALDAPRESSURE advances.

Today we bring you two Biden clips that will cause both confusion and laughter (what’s new.)

#12 Cut My Head Off. A fairly new Biden comment that is making the rounds involves Biden talking about his aneurysm at the International Association of Fire Fighters. He pleasantly describes “that the doctors had to take the top of my head off a couple times to see if I had a brain.” 


#5 Get Ready Bal. Mr. Tough-Guy is really getting pumped up as he tells the GOP party to get ready for a fight in Senate during the Democratic National Committee.

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Tune in every weekday, around 4:48ish to hear which clip is moving onto the next round.