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A Colorado mother and her three-year-old daughter got a very special surprise in their Walmart delivery last week: a gently-used crack pipe!

Tesia Britt said she discovered the pipe in a bag next to a container of pineapple juice, according to Fox 31 in Denver.

That’s when she called her husband and asked if he had any crack.

Correction: Britt just called her husband. She didn’t inquire about whether or not he had any crack. Also, don’t smoke crack.

Whitney don’t do no crack… Anymore.

Anyway, Britt called her husband to confirm that the crack pipe was, in fact, a crack pipe. Britt’s husband apparently has more expertise in crack pipe identification than she or her daughter.

Britt said she was “angry” and “disappointed,” and not because the bagger gave her a pipe but no crack.

The groceries were delivered by a third-party service used by Walmart, and the driver who delivered the order has been fired. The reduced burden of a full-time job will allow him more recreational time to smoke crack.

*Experts say you shouldn’t smoke crack no matter how miserable the shopping experience is at Walmart.