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It was reported Friday that the US is considering a “conditional cash transfer program” to Central America.

Roberta Jacobson, The White House’s outgoing southern border coordinator, said the $4 billion investment will mostly go towards economic issues that lead migrants to cross the US border. They hope to create and sustain more jobs as well as distribute COVID vaccines to these countries.

Tony Katz agrees investing in Central America would be beneficial; however, not by throwing out money.

“Conceptionally, I get it…The issue is that’s not going to work. It will not work until you actually address some of the serious issues some of the nations have. And some of these nations simply don’t have the underpinning to be able to be run properly.”

Katz says bribing these governments will never work. Instead, Tony suggests looking into trade.

“Let’s do this in regards to trades, not in regards to handouts.”

And even then…

“None of this changes the fact that we need a strong border.”