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The Federal Reserve is said to accelerate major interest rate hikes to combat increasing inflation. The Fed comes together Wednesday for their latest rate-setting meeting. It is expected that they will act aggressively to slow price spikes by making it pricier for anyone to get a loan for a car, home, business, and to use […]

It may be hard to hear, but let’s face it your hanging basket is feeling neglected. July is the time of year where your “mother’s day” early summer hanging baskets start to look a little droopy. The vibrant colors of your basket may be looking dull and the overgrown leggy vines could be pulling down […]

Attorney General Todd Rokita is urging the Biden administration to reconsider educational proposals geared towards critical race theory. The Attorney General is asking the Department of Education to “review the directives for teaching “traditional American history” as prescribed in the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015,” states his press release. He tells Tony Katz as […]

If you’ve been a homeowner for decade or so, you may remember these guys: These plastic coils were incredibly popular for landscaping the yard. The idea was to bury them in the ground to provide a guide and barrier between the lawn and flower beds. However, the combination of the different seasons and our soil […]

The Greatest Spectacle in Racing is just weeks away. Doug Boles, President of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway,  joined Tony Katz Friday morning to talk about what to expect for this year’s race, what COVID restrictions have changed, and if/when you can go the track. Besides the exciting new changes to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (think […]

North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia are just a few of a handful of states that are experiencing a “gas shortage.” Drivers can’t find gas stations with enough supply for their vehicles, so why is there no gas? Last weekend a 5,500 mile pipeline system, the Colonial Pipeline Co. closed its pipeline after a cyberattack by […]

There are many signs of spring. Robins begin to sing, flowers return to garden centers, and for those of us with pollen allergies we feel it in the air too. For lawn lovers spring is officially here with the first sign of weeds.   Chickweed is one among several winter annuals that start to (dis)grace […]

It was reported Friday that the US is considering a “conditional cash transfer program” to Central America. Roberta Jacobson, The White House’s outgoing southern border coordinator, said the $4 billion investment will mostly go towards economic issues that lead migrants to cross the US border. They hope to create and sustain more jobs as well […]

Rudy Giuliani is making his viral appearance yet again. No, this time it has nothing to do with his hair dye, in fact, the internet has moved on to his new catch phrases. With the endless possibilities of meme content Giuliani provided from his Fox appearance, it was easy to miss a couple valid points […]

South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott gave the official GOP response to Biden’s first joint address to Congress Wednesday night. The response was overwhelmingly positive from his party, while an equally strong negative reaction from the left. The senator pushed back on several topics Biden presented including his infrastructure plan, the hypocrisy of Biden’s ‘want’ […]