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Rudy Giuliani is making his viral appearance yet again. No, this time it has nothing to do with his hair dye, in fact, the internet has moved on to his new catch phrases.

With the endless possibilities of meme content Giuliani provided from his Fox appearance, it was easy to miss a couple valid points he had regarding the raid in his home earlier this week.

Trump’s former attorney joined Tucker Carlson on-air after his home was raided by the FBI in search of devices linked to an investigation. Authorities are looking into whether or not Giuliani violated the Foreign Agent Registration Act. He is being accused of failing to report his alleged business dealings with the Ukraine.

Giuliani said the raid started at 6 am Wednesday in his NYC apartment. According to the attorney 7 agents displayed a warrant to seize all electronics. They spent the next two hours confiscating laptops, cell phones, etc.

The first point Rudy made was that a warrant wasn’t even necessary.

“I looked at the warrant, and I said, ‘You know, this is extraordinary because I offered to give these to the government and talk it over with them for two years.”

He added later on that they didn’t even need his physical electronics because all the information he had was kept in the iCloud.

“Well, I’ve had it for two years, and I haven’t destroyed it. And they also got it from the iCloud! So there is no justification for that warrant.”

Giuliani says the agents themselves were seemingly apologetic and “very professional.”

His second point noted the FBI’s apparent disinterest in the electronic hard drives from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Giuliani says agents found three hard drives in his home, but once he told them they were the president’s son’s they wanted nothing to do with them. Two problems arose with this: they had every right under the warrant to take the hard evidence and they didn’t even check to see if Giuliani was telling the truth.

“(They were) completely content to rely on my word that these were Hunter Biden’s hard drives. I mean, they could have been Donald Trump’s. They could have been Vladimir Putin’s. They could have been anybody’s. But they relied on me, the man who had to be raided in the morning.”

Giuliani has denied any wrongdoing stating “the search warrant is on one single failure to file for representing a Ukrainian national or official that I never represented.” 

Through all the comedic verbage and inflection Rudy had in his storytelling, he did have a few nuggets of good reasoning. However, we’d be lying to say we aren’t rooting for some kind of meme to come out of this. Maybe “also they also got it from the iCloud!” becomes the new “where’s the beef” of the internet?

Listen to Craig Collins as he deciphers Giuliani’s interview: