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There are many signs of spring. Robins begin to sing, flowers return to garden centers, and for those of us with pollen allergies we feel it in the air too. For lawn lovers spring is officially here with the first sign of weeds.  

Chickweed is one among several winter annuals that start to (dis)grace our lawns in April. With cooler and unpredictable temperatures, it’s hard to find a product that will actually get rid of these stubborn weeds.

So what exactly are you looking for in a weed killer? Pat Sullivan recommends any product with carfentrazone. Products like Speed Zone or Weed Free Zone are perfect for this time of year as they not only work quickly, but also in cooler temperatures. 

In addition to chickweed, carfentrazone is great for also getting rid of henbit, corn speedwell, prickly lettuce, and shepherds purse. 

Bonus: To save yourself time next spring, set aside some Crabgrass pre emergent for the fall. (Trust us.) Typically you would be putting down pre emergent now for your lawn, and while that’s true placing it in the lawn Mid-August will help prevent any germination from these winter annual weeds come September. You ever heard the phrase “it’s so crazy it might work?”

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