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For years Pat and Denny have been giving an annual winter weather prediction for the season. Using ONLY science-based factual old wives tales (according to Dick Crum) to compute their findings into a report that will predict how harsh a winter we will have here in central Indiana. After weighing squirrels tails, opening up persimmon […]

We took a break from our regular program of home and garden advice and general shenanigans Saturday to remember and reflect on a horrifically historical day in America. Pat and Denny were joined by WIBC alum who brought you 9/11 coverage locally on that day 20 years ago. A special thank you to Jeff Pigeon, […]

Join WIBC and The Home and Garden Show at the Indiana State Fair at the pork patio on July 29th from 9AM – 1PM! Indiana Pork Producers will also be there with us to give you the chance to enjoy the signature pork dish – BBQ Pig Wings! The BBQ bone-in pork wing comes from […]

It may be hard to hear, but let’s face it your hanging basket is feeling neglected. July is the time of year where your “mother’s day” early summer hanging baskets start to look a little droopy. The vibrant colors of your basket may be looking dull and the overgrown leggy vines could be pulling down […]

If you’ve been a homeowner for decade or so, you may remember these guys: These plastic coils were incredibly popular for landscaping the yard. The idea was to bury them in the ground to provide a guide and barrier between the lawn and flower beds. However, the combination of the different seasons and our soil […]

There are many signs of spring. Robins begin to sing, flowers return to garden centers, and for those of us with pollen allergies we feel it in the air too. For lawn lovers spring is officially here with the first sign of weeds.   Chickweed is one among several winter annuals that start to (dis)grace […]

After a year of a global pandemic, it’s easy to panic when hearing about the swarms of cicadas headed our way. However, this whole article is to reassure you that you and your plants will be just fine! Brood X happens in 13 states every 17 years. This is a time period in which Pharaoh […]

January can feel pretty grey, in fact, it usually is pretty grey. As plant lovers, garden enthusiasts, green thumbs, we need some greenery in our lives to keep our spirits up! We’ve made a list of some of our favorite places to visit in the winter where we’ll be warm and enjoy some sunshine.   […]

INDIANAPOLIS— The Department of Public Works has eight drop off locations for Christmas tree recycling at parks throughout Indianapolis. Live trees must be free of ornaments, tinsel, tree stands and decorations. Drop off sites will be open from dawn until dusk until Jan 31. Broad Ripple Park (1610 Broad Ripple Avenue) Ellenberger Park (5301 East […]

There’s a lot of benefits to artificial Christmas trees. However, it’s easy to step back and get discouraged when it looks bare in some spots, awkward folded branches, and you can clearly see the pole. Pat has some GREAT tips he and his staff have been using personally for years to keep it looking in-store […]