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EVANSVILLE, Ind. — Possible voter fraud in Vanderburgh County.

Prosecutors in Evansville are looking into the actions of a Democratic Party activist accused of illegally sending out absentee voter applications to people who requested them that only leave them the option of participating in the Democrat primary.

Jan Reed is accused of sending out applications with the Democratic Party box already checked under the section that allows Hoosiers to choose which primary they wish to take part in. This caused many absentee ballot applications in Vanderburgh County to be rejected.

When the County Election Board learned of what Reed was doing, County Clerk Carla Hayden told the county Democratic Party to tell Reed to stop. However, post-marks on some applications sent out after that show she kept doing it anyway.

Furthermore the board, in a letter outlining the accusations to prosecutors, said Reed wrote under the section in which voters choose which primary they want to take part that the sections “needs no input” along with the Democratic Party box already checked. The board said this proves Reed’s actions were intentional.

County Democratic Party chair Edie Hardcastle said Reed was misinformed and that she didn’t understand it was “not OK” to do that. County prosecutors are reviewing the case now and it’s possible Reed could be charged with a felony.