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INDIANAPOLIS--Dr. Lewis Ferebee will be leaving Indianapolis and IPS in about two months to become chancellor of Washington, D.C. When he leaves, the team he built will still be here in Indy, said the Indianapolis Public Schools board president Mike O’Connor.

“Dr. Ferebee’s put in place a very strong team. They stay here,” said O’Connor, talking to WISH TV. “We’re gonna work with that team as a board to make sure everybody’s in place, everybody’s doing their work, everybody feels empowered to do their work.”

The board will begin looking for a temporary replacement first, then a permanent one. Ferebee has been superintendent since 2013.

O’Connor said the work ahead will be to build off of what Ferebee started. He’s championed working with charter schools and making sure the district can retain talented teachers.

“On the ground, the day to day people are gonna be the same. And then it’s sort of the leadership of making sure those dollars are invested in the classroom. That’s one of the commitments we made is making sure the principals and teachers are paid at competitive rates.”

PHOTO: Chris Davis/Emmis