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Years before we had Bernie Sanders the awkward political candidate, there was Bernie Sanders, the awkward television host.

The Daily Show’s producers recently unearthed footage from Bernie Sanders’ 1980’s Public Access Show, and it is proof positive that the 2020 presidential candidate hasn’t aged a bit in the last 40 years. Seriously, he looks EXACTLY the same: 90.

In the video, you see Bernie interacting with kids in the 80’s, and you can tell from the kids’ reactions that they were “put off” by him. They just have this look on their faces that screams, “Oh my God! I’m about to be thrown in a van and kidnapped!”

Great right? Now, you would think that people would take Trevor Noah’s jokes in stride and appreciate the fun in unearthing these old clips, right? Wrong-o! Sanders supporters are in the comment sections going ape crap. Here are a few favorites:

“This is how you get President Biden. You’ve reinforced the “crazy Bernie” stereotype. Try looking at all the other great footage where he champions the working class and poor, and helps folks out. Try reading his latest policy proposals and tell us they aren’t what the world needs from the USA.”

“After seeing the full clip of Sanders interacting with the kids, I’m extremely disgusted by the way this show is trying to make him look like a bad person with ripping everything out of context by leaving out large parts of his statements reversing everything into its opposite meaning. This is unconscionable.”

“Mr.Noah making fun is wonderful but trying to portray Bernie in a way that isn’t accurate nor true is unfair & not funny. Bernie Sanders may not be your kind of politician thats perfectly fine but finding fault with someone who has been consistent doesn’t come across as funny. Sadly your comments will be misconstrued & used by those who will do whatever it takes to paint Bernie Sanders as being old, crazy & not fun etc. Careful with the words you choose cuz we live in precarious times & we are inching towards the precipice.”

“Why I stopped watching your show entirely Trevor Noah …The ANY and ONLY times you mention Bernie Sanders is to lie and belittle his importance to America and the world… You did it when Hillary was running and your repeating your performance again.. You obviously get paid well and your multimillionaire friends are all pushing for Joe or Warren but you are interfering in all of our futures, please stop, thanks.”

Those Sanders supporters are a fun group, don’t you think?

The Chicks on the Right played highlights from Bernie’s show and had some fun at his expense on today’s show. Click below to check it out.