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INDIANAPOLIS — The overcast conditions Tuesday evening were not enough to keep the hard rockers in Indy away from the Egyptian Room as Royal Blood came to town on their “Back to the Water Below” Tour.

The tour, named after the band’s fourth album, is in its final stages with only four stops left before the band departs for a European tour celebrating the 10th anniversary of their debut self-titled album. One of those final stops is in the not-so-distant city of Columbus, so should this concert review leave you wanting more, there is still time to catch them before they leave the U.S. The Columbus show is scheduled for May 19th.

As for the show, the opening act was a fellow British band by the name of Bad Nerves. The five-piece punk band acts like how fans of the genre would expect. They are loud, they are fast, and their lead singer doesn’t exactly sing as much as he yells in different tones. None of that, however, should be taken as a bad thing.

The best song from their setlist to accurately show off the power and confidence that this band gives off would have to be the appropriately named “You’ve Got The Nerve” a song resembles something you’d hear from the early days of the equally as confident Swedish rock outfit The Hives.

It should be said that the one drawback to their set on Tuesday, and the genre as a whole is that it does not offer much diversity in terms of sounds. However, as an opening act and as a punk act, Bad Nerves did exactly what they needed to do. Set the tone, set the pace, and get the crowd excited for the main event.

After what may be one of the shortest breaks between bands ever experienced at a live show, Royal Blood took to the stage at roughly 8:40 p.m. The song “Redemption” from Rocky 2 (provided above for context) played throughout the room as the band walked on stage. As a fan of the Rocky series this was an admittedly pleasant greeting for the band, even if it was a tad bit off-brand from the sounds that were about to follow.

“Redemption” would fade out and time stood still for a brief moment. This pause was intentional, as any fan of Royal Blood’s music knew with each passing second which song was going to open up the show. Right as the tense paused reached its peak, Mike Kerr would hit the first notes of “Out of The Black.” The hit song off the band’s debut album features a combination of quick sharp notes and snare shots that lead into loud blasting bass tones and cymbal crashes.

Speaking of the word loud, that is certainly the best word to describe the live presence of a hard rock band like Royal Blood. Even with earplugs, the noise that they generated was felt by listeners in the furthest reaches of the room. The thumps of the bass drum were especially powerful as the band rolled through other hits like “Come On Over” and “Boilermaker” to start their set.

Throughout the band’s 17 song set, they explored their entire discography playing a variety off of all four albums. They interacted with the crowd in unique ways that other bands don’t often explore. The drummer, Ben Thatcher, stood on the guard rail between the stage and audience during a breakdown of the very first song. Both Thatcher and Kerr would point out members of the crowd together and seemingly focus on them for the duration of the current song. Kerr said to a specific audience member that they had produced the longest scream he’d ever heard and asked them to do it again. Unfortunately, the entire crowd joined in at that point so the audience member who produced said scream did not get their proper credit.

While Royal Blood’s sound will not be for everyone, but those who it is for will absolutely love the way that it translates to a live performance. Blasting bass and banging drums that will reverberate in the audience’s ears until the next day are practically guaranteed with this two piece. Hard rock fans who may appreciate bands like Muse or Jack White’s heavier sounding songs should take the opportunity to catch these two next time they come to town.

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