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They march through the streets of New York:

The problem isn’t only in New York, a city/county councilman here in Indianapolis threatened businesses who didn’t agree with him:

Did Socialist Jesse Brown Just Threaten a Local Pizza Business? – WIBC 93.1 FM

If anything should tell you why you should be opposed to concepts like the Blue Line dedicated bus lanes, it’s because the communist is in favor of it.


The purpose of the bus is not about” well we’re going to save lives”. I would put forth to you that I don’t actually believe that they care about saving lives. It is about control of the roads.

Which brings us to the story of what’s happening in Ireland:


This is the failure of culture and society to remind those people coming into their country that we are the better country for a reason, and you have to adapt to what we do. You have to adapt to how we do it, because we do it better, just like Capitalism is better than Communism… No culture can survive if there is no adherence to the culture.

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